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Important Resources

SRC Code of Conduct
SRC COC in Spanish

Parking Application 22/23
Student Handbook


Student Use of the School Telephone

There is a student phone accessible to all students and is located in the Student Services office.  This phone may be used before school, after school, during lunch, and between classes.

Student Use of the School Computers

Student Acceptable Use Policy 2022-23 (AUP) for Internet use at school

The Agenda Planner and Student ID
  • The planner and student ID are integral parts of the daily activities at Pace High School.  Students are expected to have both every block of every school day.

  •  We ask parents and students to be familiar with the contents of the planner.  We further suggest that parents check the planner on a regular basis for grades, classroom activities and homework, and teacher messages.

  • The replacement cost of a planner is $5, and the replacement of an ID is $5.

Student Services FAX


  • Regular school attendance is critical to a student’s academic success, and it is an important aspect of our commitment as a school to lifelong learning. With that in mind the Pace High School administration and faculty emphasizes the importance of regular attendance and punctuality through our Perfect Attendance Award Program. Students who complete the entire year “perfectly” will be honored with membership in the 180 club.

  • At the conclusion of the year our 180 club members are treated to a special off campus lunch with the Principal and the a great raffle which includes such prizes as a yearbook, homecoming and prom tickets and a cash prize of up to $180.00.

  • If a student misses more than 25 minutes of class, he or she is considered absent from that class.

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