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Pace High School is proud to serve the many military families who work and live in our community. We are committed to providing support, resources, and enriching programs to enhance our students’ educational experiences and support their families.


This webpage is designed to provide information to military families relocating to the area or with students already attending Pace High. Please visit our district military resources page for information relevant to all military families at Santa Rosa County District Schools.

Military & Family Life Counselor (MFLC)

Brochure for MFLC

The PHS MFLC can be reached at 850-375-7704.

Any family interested in using the MFLC services can fill out the consent form, found here.

School Liaison Officer

Families moving to or from the area are encouraged to contact the NAS Whiting Field School Liaison Officer (SLO) before registering. The SLO can also be an advocate for military families if any issues arise during the school year.


The SLO, Dawn Kaunike, can be reached at or 850-665-6105 or 850-736-0338.

Brochure for SLO

School Counselors

Information on the PHS Guidance Department, and contact information for the guidance counselors can be found HERE.

PHS also has a full time CDAC/Trauma Informed counselor on site. Please reach out to Mrs. Courtney Gongwer via EMAIL or call the school at 850-995-3600.

There are many scholarships available to children of both Active Duty and Veterans, especially if the parent has any level of VA disability rating.  

Scholarship Opportunities for Military Kids

Financial Resources

ESE - Exceptional Student Education

If your family has special medical or educational needs, help is available before, during, and after your move. Enrollment in the Exceptional Family Member Program provides military families with special needs considerations during the assignment process and access to support services to help navigate the medical and educational system. CLICK HERE

Helpful Links


Information on  the rights of military students who transfer between states. 


Free tutoring available 24/7 & test prep for SAT/ACT for military kids.


Offering a multitude of resources for military families. Free counseling is available, as well as articles, information, and resources for typical transitions that come with military life. 


Providing a place for kids to connect with others who have had similar experiences, whether it’s deployment, moving, or other military-related events.


Free resource where you can take a job personality quiz and get information on how to start your future career.


Largest Overdrive audio-book library in the world, e-books, foreign languages, test prep, research resources.


A peer-to-peer club to connect youth while building change and resiliency skills.



Month of the Military Child
and Purple Up Day.

Stay up to date with all events by watching WPHS and following our social media pages!


Month of the Military Family
and Veterans Day.

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